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Adopting a New Dog?

Give it 

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Build the Unbreakable Bond

You’ve made a great choice in giving a dog a second chance at life.
Now make a sound investment for a lifetime of   happiness.

This unique training program was created specifically for the newly adopted dog and focuses on 
while teaching the foundations of problem solving by:


Read the article Too Broken To Be Fixed to learn how the A Sound Beginning Program can make a real difference!

Trigger Stacking: How to NOT set up your newly adopted dog to fail! 

Start building a positive relationship with your adopted dog, gain his trust, and help him successfully adjust to his new home.

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The book is available for purchase on line for $14.95 or at Deer Run Animal Hospital for $12.00

The Complete Package with the Training Program has started at Deer Run!

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Search through the list or calendar to find  the Path To Success Modular Classes
being held at Deer Run on Tuesday Evenings.

An orientation class (without your dog present) is required before starting the other modular classes. Orientation classes will be held every other Tuesdays at Deer Run.  
Modular classes can then be taken in any order.

You may also attend at any other ASB location.
To become a member and to register for the A Sound Beginning Complete Package you will need to log onto the ASB website Once a member you can register for upcoming classes directly on the ASB website.

File NameDescription / Comment
ASB Description of ProgramDownload this handout that contains all the details of the ASB Training Package Program
ASB Health Requirments to Attend ClassWe want both our human & canine students to remain healthy so it is important we prevent the spread of contagious diseases and parasites. Download this handout to learn the health requirements that need to be current before your dog attends a class. If your dog does not have a regular veterinarian, ASB shelter & rescue dogs are eligible for a FREE FIRST EXAM within 30 days of adoption at Deer Run. (Additional services, vaccinations, tests, and medications are at additional cost)
ASB Veterinary Health CertificateIf you have a veterinarian outside of Deer Run, please have your regular veterinarian fill out this certificate verifying your dog's health and that preventative care requirements are up to date before attending an ASB class with your dog.
Training Liability WaiverBefore attending any training class at Deer Run, please download, read and sign this liability waiver.