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Below are some links to information from the Association for Prevention of Pet Obesity (APOP) with listing of calorie content of popular pet foods.  But use caution, this information is very difficult to keep up to date and we recommend verifying the current calorie content of foods directly from the manufacturer.

For dry foods, the calorie content will be in calories per 8 oz standard kitchen measuring cup so be sure to accurately measure! Canned foods will be measured in portions of a can.  When giving your pet's diet history to your veterinarian be sure to tell them what size can you are using (i.e. 3.5 oz, 5.5 oz, 12.5 oz, etc.)

Calorie Contents of Popular Dog Foods-Dry 

Calorie Content of Popular Dog Foods-Canned

Calorie Content of Popular Dog Treats

Calorie Content of Popular Cat Foods (Canned & Pouched)   Learn about the weight control benefits of Canned Food for Cats

Calorie Contents of Popular Cat Foods (Dry formulas)

Calorie Content of Popular Cat Treats

Calorie Content in 2500 Popular Human Foods Don't forget that you need to calculate for any table or human foods that your pet might eat.  This is a link to a website with calories in common foods.

After determining the number of calories in your pet's food, the next question will be what to feed.  To get a rough idea of daily calorie requirments for pets please visit our How Much To Feed  webpage. 

We always recommend consulting with us when making diet changes so that we can properly guide and monitor your pet's diet recommendations.  If you are having trouble feeding or maintaining proper weight in your pet, please schedule an appointment with us!