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Natural cat feeding behavior includes predatory activities like stalking and pouncing.
We need to provide cats with activities and toys that stimulate their natural instincts and prey drive. 

Although we recommend cats eat primarily canned food diets, a portion of the diet can include some dry kibble for use in food toys. Just bear in mind portion control when using dry!  

We can simulate natural feeding behaviors by hiding small amounts of food around the house. Try using a sissel floor mat and drop and hide dry food kibbles into the weave.  Or buy or grow some cat grass (make sure the pot is heavy enough or weighted so that she doesn't drag it everywhere) and sprinkle food or treats among the grass. Leave small amounts of dry kibble around the house or on the steps of a staircase to encourage your cat to exercise and hunt for his snacks.  

Make every meal a game that is fun, challenging, and interactive!  Don't put your cat on the unemployment line,
 give him a job of capturing his own food!  Stimulate his mind!

The Food Puzzles for Cats Website

Now Check Out Some Great Food Toys Below:

IMPORTANT TIP--Which is the best food toy??  We actually recommend you get one of each, or at least several!  Cats love variety.  They will tire of the same toy over and over, so have many, use them interchangeably to prevent boredom. 

Yes, there are KONGs for Cats and other food dispensing toys


 Egg-Cersizer and the FunKitty Twist & Treat.      

or try the FunKitty Doorway Dangli Bring out the gymnast in your cat! This toy hangs from any interior door frame. It is suspended by a stretchy bungee cord. Cats can bat, grab and leap after the toy and its fluffy tail, all while being randomly rewarded with treats. The bungee has a breakaway connector, assuring safe play. 

Check out more great Feline Foraging Toys at Fundamentally Feline

Click for 
Great ideas for DIY (Do It Yourself) Puzzle Feeders For Cats!


Another homemade food toy can be made from a shoebox with holes
cut out about the size of a ping pong ball and then fill with treats
and a few ping pongballs as an “obstacle”. Be sure to tape the lid on!

The Pipolino!  The Virtual Hunting field!

Video: Environmental Enrichment with the Pipolino!

 The PIPOLINO is a food pellet distributor that acts as a virtual hunting field that will satisfy your cat's predatory needs.

Try making a homemade version of the Pipolino using a empty paper towel roll or an empty water bottle, punch in some holes, cap or tape up the ends!

The Water Bottle as an Inexpensive  Kitty Food Toy--Watch the Video!


Inexpensive DIY Food Puzzle 

Empty egg cartons can make a great food toy for canned food!
Thanks to Dr. Colleen Koch and Lincoln Land Animal Clinic for sharing this great idea!

Offer your cat some Homemade FOOD TUBES!!  Allow your cat to do what he does in nature, simulate how he would devour a prey animal with a FOOD TUBE 


Stimulo Cat Feeding Station and Activity Center 

A fun way to feed your cat recommended by the Karen Pryor Clicker Training Academy.  Hide dry and canned food in the tubes and let kitty hunt and work to capture his meal the way he might hunt for burrowing prey in the wild.


The SlimCat Interactive Feeder

Nina Ottosson Cat Pyramid Food Toys

Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Maze 

 Hagen Food Maze


Play the Muffin Tin Game!  A home made version of the food toy! A muffin tin can be a great food toy for both dry and canned food.  Try smearing canned food in each muffin slot, put some plastic cat balls (those too big to swallow) in each slot, let kitty enjoy popping out the balls to get his tasty meal.

Or Use a cardboard egg carton or ice cube tray as a low cost toy for environmental enrichment for your cat. Drop in a couple pieces of kibble and your cat will spend time trying to figure out how to get it out.

We usually think of using dry food in Kitty Food Toys, but check out this
Video of Canned Food in Homemade Food Puzzle Toys !
one minor change recommended for safety, we suggest using unbreakable plastic mugs and cups, instead of using those made of glass.



YouTube: Food Puzzle Keeps Kitty Busy When You Are Busy!


Frolicat Laser Light Toys are also great for stimulating hunting and chasing behavior. IMPORTANT TIP--When using any laser toy with cats, be sure to end the play session by allowing the cat to catch a toy mouse or stuffed animal.  Try having a few treats on the floor and end the session by having the light land on some treats. This prevents frustration and satisfies the prey drive.


ALSO Take a look at examples of food puzzles at the bottom of our Dog Food Toy Page, Cats can play with these too to keep them happy and occupied!