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Water is important for feline health.  Learn ways you can get your kitty to drink more water!

#6027 Raindrop™Drinking Fountain - Stainless Steel-96oz. 
The Pioneer Raindrop Drinking Fountain

 To encourage cats to drink more, we need to recognize that felines are water connoisseurs!  

Water bowls must be absoultely clean and spotless! Change water once to twice daily using fresh, clean, cold water. 

But providing the freshest, purest ingredient is just the beginning.
Presentation and ambiance are of the utmost importance for the feline species!


  • Some cats enjoy large round porcelain bowls with a blue inner linings that are set out of the way in quiet, dimly lit rooms. 
  • Other cats, especially seniors, may prefer a tall beer glass that is wider at the top. Kitty won't need to crane his neck to use these water decanters preserving arthritic joints and kitty dignity.
  • Many cats prefer broad shallow bowls so their whiskers do not hit the sides.
  • Access to wet shower floors are prefered by some cats that like to lick the wet floor after their human showers.
  • Multiple bowls all over the house will encourage drinking. Cats are inherently lazy --- this is why we love them. So, if a cat is basking in a wonderful sun ray in front of his favorite window, the thought of losing that fabulous ray, even if he is thirsty, is just too much to handle, so he will skip the water.  However, if there is a bowl of water conveniently located by the window he might drink it.  It's like having a bowl of potato chips sitting beside us on the couch.....if it's right there, we will eat them, but we might not be willing to get up and get the chips from the kitchen if we were watching our favorite TV show.
  • If you have multiple levels in your house, have water bowls on every level!  Sometimes cats are too busy plotting the takeover of your home and the planet (which is thirsty business to a cat) to walk up a flight of stairs and get a drink.
  • Many cats do not like to eat where they drink.  Put water bowels away from feeding stations.
  • Add a water bowl in the bathroom, for some reason many cats seem to enjoy drinking in the bathroom.

See if your kitty enjoys this, turn on the tap for him.  If he does, consider a motion detector adaptor for your faucet so he can learn to do this by himself.

YouTube Video Automatic Cat Water Faucet  shows how a kitty can learn to get fresh clean tap water for himself.

The EZFaucet Infrared Motion Detector Faucet is an example of a motion detector faucet you can attach to your tap.


Some tips on using Fountains

  • If you have hard water use only distilled water to avoid a voided warranty. 
  • Be sure to Clean the filter frequently!
  • Dont give up too soon!  It takes awhile for cats to get used to a fountain before they use it.  Some cats will just "observe" the fountain for the first couple of weeks.  Once they decide to start to drink from it, they usually continue to do so.  Upon first presentation it may seem foreign to your cat and it may take some time for your cat to decide it is ok to drink from the new fountain. 
  • Do keep regular water bowls available during and after the acclimation period.
  • Some cats have preferences for fountain type.  Some like the "flowing over the surface type" like the Raindrop fountain, while others like the waterfall effect of the Drinkwell fountain.  For best results offer both, or switch if the first choice is not well accepted.  



 Drinkwell Fountains  are another example of a feline water fountains. 

Pet Raindrop Fountain the stainless version from Pioneer Pet, it also comes in plastic as a less expensive option


Start your kitten out right, feed canned food to avoid dry food addiction later in life!

Feed adult cats primarily a canned food diet.

Add additional water to canned food, or water log dry food, this can done with warm water, or even clam or tuna flavored water.

Add ice cubes to the water bowl.

Low sodium beef or chicken broth "Kitty Koolaid".  Have your kitty watch you open the can and add broth to the water, they seem to enjoy this!,  Leave out for 20 minutes, then remove and clean the bowl.  Or freeze some into ice cubes for later!

Clam juice--freeze clam juice in tiny, gum-drop sized ice cube trays so the stuff doesn't go bad, then pop out a cube or two to flavor a water bowl.

"Tuna smoothie"  1 small can tuna plus 1 large blenderful of water and blenderize (and can freeze in ice cube trays then put the cubes in freezer bags).

A "splash" of Tuna juice.  Use about 2 tablespoons tuna juice to 1/4 cup tepid water water (tepid water makes it smell better and some cats dont like this cold).

"Cat milk" from pet stores.  Can drink straight or dilute in water.

Pedialyte as an additional option in some of the water bowls.

Diluted low sodium chicken soup.

Make sure they  have a healthy mouth, ask your vet if dental care is needed!

If all else fails and your kitty will not drink enough, ask your veterinarian if Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy is needed for your cat.