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CLICKER TRAINING--A method of marker and reward based teaching

The fastest and most effective way to communicate and teach any animal from Clam to Dolphin, Lion or Zebra, Dog or Cat!


Marker-Reward-based training and clicker training in particular allows us to interact with dogs without force, without unnecessary stress and constraint. We encourage the dog to offer behaviors without fear of being corrected for showing initiative. Dogs can give in to their curiosity and desire to have a good time with us and we can encourage them to make the appropriate decisions.  This is why clicker training is fun and effective!!


What is Clicker Training?  A nice thorough explanation

Clicker Training-Getting Started:  Part  1 How to use a Clicker

Part II: Teach Your Dog a Simple Behavior Using Clicker Training

Beyond Clicking & Treating--The Power of Choice!! 

Ten Prejudices Against Clicker Training that are Wrong! 

Andre Yeu a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Trainer, with help
from Julie Posluns CPDT-KA,  explains the power, the magic,
and the fun of this effective training method

Training the Shedd Way
Ken Ramirez from Chicago's Shedd Aquarium is one of the best clicker trainers in the world. 
He uses clicker training to train both the Shedd Marine Mammals and dogs. 

In the above video, Ken Ramirez teaches how a clicker trained
skill called "Targeting" can be taught and used.

Teaching "Touch" (or targeting)--a must for any clicker dog trainer!

Target Training Tips


Training the Target Stick Video by Kay Laurence

Training to Target the Mat by Kay Laurence

Ways To Use Hand Targeting

How to teach "Watch me" with a Clicker  An illustrated animation of the timing and technique of teaching the important skill of "Watch me" to your dog

DO I ALWAYS HAVE TO USE A CLICKER   Smart Dog University's Laurie Luck explains how to use the principles of clicker training without a clicker!

Ten Ways to Shape a Behavior with Clicker Training 

Ten Great Video Examples of Clicker Training  A great collection provided by the Mother Nature Network!

For the ultimate information on Clicker Training, visit the ultimate authority!  Karen Pryor's Clicker  Her website is full of fantastic information, blogs, videos, books, tips on Clicker Training.

Why choose a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) Trainer to train your dog

Introducing You and Your Dog to the Clicker by Zak George  Before you start using the clicker you have to teach your dog what a "click" means.  And each time you start a training session, you need to "warm up your clicker" by just clicking and treating freely to remind your dog what happens when he earns a click. 

The Click essentially means "Yes"!  Yes, you have done the right thing, Yes, I want you to do that again!  Some trainers will even use the word "yes" in place of the clicker and say the word very quick and precisely, and just once, to tell the dog that they did the right thing.

You could also use a whistle sound, or a flash of light, this works great for deaf dogs.  The click is a "promise" to the dog that a wonderful reward or treat is coming!  So it is crucial to always follow every click with a reward. Once a dog learns a behavior well, the click does not always need to be used.

Dog Training is a Technical Skill--Treat Delivery Speed is important!  Training can sometimes look easy to copy from watching a video but it does require skill and timing.  It is often very important to get a certified trainer to coach you.  For clicker training it is important to pick someone who has the proper training and experience, such as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner  (KPA-CTP). 


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Clicker training your kitten

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