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Why Use a Compounding Pharmacy?

Often we find that our patients need special medications.  Pets come in all different sizes, and yet we often have to rely on medications made for humans to treat our patients.  To specially prepare medications in the microdoses that we often need, or to prepare them in forms that are easier to administer, we rely on Compounding Pharmacies.  Compounding pharmacists prepare special medications for individual patients, when a standardized from is not manufactured by regular drug companies.  By flavoring medications, or making them into transdermal forms, they can help our clients to get the much needed medications into our patients. 

For more information from the American Veterinary Medical Association regarding compounding, click to read the AVMA's Compounding Brochure.

Below is a local compounding pharmacy that we use for special order medications.  Prescribed medications can be picked up directly or mailed to you.

Custom Dosing Compounding Pharmacy  
1000 Breuckman Drive
Crown Point, IN 46307
(219) 662-5602
Custom Dosing Compounding Pharmacy

In some cases, for difficult to find veterinary drugs, we may utilize compounding pharmacies outside of our local area.  Two such pharmacies are linked below.


Wedgewood Pharmacy

RoadRunner Pharmacy