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(formerly known as DAP) 

Dog Appeasing Pheromone


What is Pheromonatherapy and how can it help my dog?


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Pheromones are chemical substances used by animals to communicate!

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How To Use ADAPtil (DAP)!

Adaptil or D.A.P. is a synthetically produced pheromone that mimics what is produced by the mammary glands of a mother dog when she nurses her puppies.  It has relaxing effects on the puppies and creates a positive emotional state and increases confidence.  This synthetic copy is available to reduce stress in puppies and adult dogs in the forms of a collar, spray, and room diffuser.


For best results with Adaptil or DAP Pheromone therapy, it should be combined with behavior modification techniques.  If your dog is showing anxious or stressful behavior we recommend starting with an appointment with us to discuss the specific behavior problems in your dog. We may discuss behavior modification techniques or if indicated, recommend a referral to a Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist.  


The Role of Adaptil or D.A.P. is extremely important in Early Puppy Development


Early use of Adaptil at the age of 8-16 wks will help puppies adapt to their new home and help them socialize with other species including humans.  It is a great product to use when you first get your new puppy.  Be PROACTIVE with your new puppy, start Adaptil right away, dont wait for problems to develop.


  • It will help with car travel home
  • It will reduce the stress of re-homing, it will reduce the stress of meeting new family
  • It will help east the stress of the first few nights, being left alone, coping with strangers, new loud noises, and unpredictable new situations.
  • It can help relieve the stress of vet visits, surgical stays, and boardings for puppies and adult dogs. 
  • It will help reduce signs of over arousal in puppy class.

Studies have shown that Adaptil. has beneficial effects on the bond between a puppy and its new family!   Studies have shown Adaptil collars helped reduce nervousness and fears during puppy classes leading to better socialization.





  • FOR RESCUE AND SHELTER DOG ADOPTIONS  Start new adoptons off right, help them acclimate smoothly to their new home.  Use DAP right away! 


  • FOR SEPARATION ANXIETY   D.A.P.  helps manage the fear reactions of dogs left alone.  Along with behavior modification techniques, it benefits dogs suffering from separation anxiety and improves symptoms of excessive vocalization, destructive behavior, and house soiling. If you feel your pet may have Separation Anxiety make an appointment to discuss treatment options further with you veterinarian.  Medications are often also needed to best treat this condition. Visit our SEPARATION ANXIETY  web page for more information.
  • FEAR OF NOISES   D.A.P. along with simple behavior modification techniques helps manage fearful reactions to Fireworks and Thunderstorms.  A recent study demonstrated a reduction in as much as 60% of signs such as panting, trembling, cowering, hiding, & owner seeking behavior.  For more tips on managing noise phobias see our Storm & Noise Phobias web page. 


  • TRAVEL SICKNESS & STRESS   D.A.P. helps dogs cope with the distress induced by a car trip.  It helps to minimize salivation, vomiting, panting, restlessness, and trembling.  It can help dogs learn to enjoy car travel.  For more tips on Traveling with Pets click here.


  • FEAR OF VET VISITS AND BOARDING  We recommend considering the use of the D.A.P. collar when your pet comes to visit us!  We also provide the Diffusers and spray in our hospital setting to help minimize stress and fear during your dog?s visit!

FAQs About Using ADAPtil (DAP)

How To Use ADAPtil (DAP)! 


Through A Dog's Ear Is a unique new therapy using music to treat anxiety issues in dogs. It can be a wonderful complimentary therapy to add to pheromonatherapy wiht DAP.  These CDs can also benefit dogs suffering from Separation Anxiety, Travel Anxiety, Noise Phobia, and other stressful situations.