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Adaptil Pheromone Therapy    



Adaptil (also known as Dog Appeasing Pheromone or D.A.P.) is a synthetically made version of a relaxing pheromone secreted naturally by the mammary glands of a nursing mother dog. This pheromone scent is recognized by puppies and dogs and provides them with a sense of safety and security. Many Veterinary Behavior Specialists have studied and are using this product as a part of their treatment protocols to reduce various kinds of anxiety.  Adaptil can be purchased in a refillable, plug-in room diffuser (similar to a "Glade Plug-In").  It also comes as spray and as collar that dogs can wear.  Humans do not notice the scent of Adaptil.  But since dogs have a greater ability to communicate via their noses and through scents, pheromones can be strong communicators to dogs.   

We recommend plugging an Adaptil Diffuser in the room where your dog's hiding/safe place or relaxation mat is located.  Be sure the diffuser is out in the open and not blocked by furniture. Humans will not notice any odor from the diffuser.  In addition, a dog can wear an Adaptil collar so that the calming effects can move with the dog as he moves around the house and goes outdoors. Ideally we recommend plugging in the diffuser and applying the collar a few weeks before noise events start. The diffuser and collar each last approximately 4 weeks.

Adaptil products are available for purchase at Deer Run Animal Hospital.  We do not recommend "other phermone products".  We caution our clients to beware of claims made by manufacturers about other, "cheaper" pheromone products, they are NOT the same as D.A.P. Adaptil has been proven to be effective for many dogs in several scientific studies.  Be sure to use products that contain the true Dog Appeasing Pheromone or D.A.P.

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