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Why is dog training so important?  Do you want to have a "Normal" dog?

  Read This Blog Entry to understant why teaching & training is so important!!



If you are ready to find a local positive dog trainer click here.


Dog Star Daily This is a fabulous training and behavior website from Dr. Ian Dunbar, a world renowned veterinarian and dog trainer.  You will find lots of behavior training information here with frequent updates and new material.  Check out all the training resources, videos, and  blogs by great positive dog trainers and world renowned veterinarians. 

America's Dog Trainers  See how some of the best positive dog trainers do it!  Great videos provided by Dog Star Daily.

World's Dog Trainers New from Dog Star Daily, now they will be showcasing the best trainers around the world.  See the results of positive training.


Dr. Sophia  Dr. Yin is a veterinarian and an applied animal behaviorist.  Her website has many videos on postive training methods for canine behavior problems.  Dr. Yin's approach to dog training combines scientific behavior theory with practical application.  She makes learning fun for both pet and owner!  She can even teach a dog to somersault!!  Click to view a video on Dr. Yin's Dog Training Philosophy.

We highly recommend Dr. Yin's books, How To Behave So Your Dog Behaves and Perfect Puppy in 7 Days.

Dr. Yin's Resources on Dog Behavior & Training

Dr. Yin's Animal Behavior & Training Videos


Victoria Stillwell's  Victoria is famous for her TV series, It's Me or The Dog! from the UK and now on Animal Planet.  Visit her website for postive training tips.  The website has great blogs from Victoria and other famous trainers, as well as podcasts.



Clicker from the famous Karen Pryor Academy.  Clicker training is a fabulous training method based on scientific learning theories.  This website is an extensive resource on all the ways clicker training can help your pet and much more!  They also have a great on-line store with behavior tools and toys.

DIAMONDS IN THE RUFF Click on this website link to view the website of an awsome dog trainer, Carol Brynes.  Then click on Behavior FAQS for Helpful and Effective Advice for Problem Dog Behaviors

Kikopup YouTube Training Videos  Great video clips on how to use positive and clicker training methods for common puppy and dog training.

Kikopups Video Library  If you want to learn more about the philosophy of positive dog training methods check out this excellent European website.

How to Select a Local Dog Trainer for Your Dog  This link will help you find a trainer right for you and your dog and provides our recommendations for positive trainers in our area.

The Easy Walk Harness  "Choke", "Prong", or "Shock" collars  are NOT a substitute for training.  If a trainer suggests you use one of these collars, we suggest you continue your search for a positive technique trainer.  Consider the use of the Easy Walk Harness, it does not use adversive methods to train your dog.

APDT Loose Leash Walking Webinar  Tired of having your arm yanked out?  Many dog owners complain their dogs pull and wonder why.  After all, the poor dog is choking, and he is choking himself!  You'd think the dog would learn not to do that!  This webinar will delve into the reasons dogs pull on the leash, how your dog views the leash, and what your dog thinks of your roll at the other end of the leash.  You'll learn simple strategies to teach your dog not to pull.  Once you understand your dog's perspective, and how to create a cooperative connection, you'll soon be in partnership with your dog. 

A word about leashes....We recommned using a light weight leather or nylon web leash.  Especially if using an Easy Walk Harness you do not want a heavy leash that will weigh down the front strap and attachment link.

Retractable leashes have their place, but we do not recommend them to be used with the Easy Walk Harness, for training, OR for loose leash walking.  Retractable leashes actually reward your dog for pulling and will make loose leash training very difficult.  Reserve the use of retractable leashes for when you are allowing your dog free play or potty time while you wish to remain stationary.   

If you have Puppy Problems click on this link to our special webpage with resources to start your pup out right and solve common puppy issues.