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Click to read:  Measuring a Dog for a Muzzle: Tolerating vs. Enjoying handling


Muzzles are not just for aggression


Good Dogs Wear Muzzles Too!


Muzzles: For Many Dogs A Gateway to Fun!!


Muzzles:  The Why, The How, & The Why Not! Here’s how to teach your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle – and why you should teach him that!  Also: When should your dog absolutely, positively not be muzzled?

The Muzzle Up Project's Muzzle Training Plan  Click the link to learn the entire step by step plan!





This video shows one way to make a muzzle into a treat basket.  But Dr. Koch explains
that in In this video, the muzzle used is too large for this particular dog.  Also, the
training is proceeding a little too fast for her.  The goal is to have a positive experience
with muzzle.  At one point, this dog tries to back of out the muzzle.  Take your time and
go slow.  This is a technique to be used with dogs that are not food aggressive, and are
not aggressive to humans.  



PART 2:  MUZZLE SHAPING  By Dr. Colleen Koch

This video shows how to shape putting on a muzzle using clicker training.  The dog in the video is
already clicker trained, which makes the process go a whole lot faster.  If the dog is not clicker trained,
the technique can still be used, but it will take a longer period of time. Even if you are not this successful
in getting the dog to put the muzzle on by their self, it is still a fun game associated with the muzzle. 

Muzzle Training with the Treat and Train

Video Tips On Using A Sleeve Muzzle

Click to learn about Muzzle training for the vet visit


Sleeve Muzzle or Basket Muzzle Training: Step by Step Instructions  Written by Lincolnland Animal Hospital's Dr. Colleen Koch

Below are some more links and instructional videos to help you train your dog to accept and wear a muzzle.  The more work you do on this at home, the easier the vet visit will be.  Short frequent training sessions in a calm home environment will be more effective than forcing this on a dog when fearful in the veterinary hospital.  Home work on muzzle training is very important so that the muzzle does not cause stress and anxiety.

If you need help purchasing or fitting for a muzzle, ask us, we can make recommendations or order one for your dog. 


Regular "Sleeve" style muzzles should NEVER be left on long term because the inhibit a dog's ability to pant and swallow.  If unable to pant dogs will dangerously overheat rapidly.


A nice alternative to the "sleeve muzzle, especially if your dog needs to wear a muzzle for more than a few minutes, is the "BASKET MUZZLE" that will allow the mouth to open and pant, but will still prevent dangerous bites


Italian Basket Dog Muzzle Size 2

Examples of Basket Muzzles, click picture to go to

A comfortable Baskerville Muzzle


Finding the Best Muzzle for your Dog: An Equipment Guide


Teaching Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle  Click to view a YouTube Video on how to use positive reinforcement to teach your dog to ENJOY wearing a muzzle!  This kind of positive training can help reinforce other things too such as nail trims or ear cleaning.  Make it fun! Condition for a positive emotional response! 


How to Desensitize a Dog to a Basket Muzzle Video An excellent and simple demonstration on how to use desensitization techniques to train a dog to a Basket Muzzle without force or fear!


Teaching a Dog to Wear a Basket Muzzle Another great example  video

Blue Cross Muzzle Training Video


Kikopup Muzzle Training Video  Emily Larlham, an amazing trainer with an international reputation explains how to train your dog to wear a basket muzzle.

Meet the Kuzzle!  Help your dog fall in "Lust" with his muzzle, make it a bearer of frozen delights. Try filling a basket muzzle with food, freezing it, and using it like a Kong food toy! Teach your dog to enjoy sticking his snout into the basket to enjoy some crazy-good snacks!   


Muzzle Training Homework Handout Step by step instructions to help you chart your progress


How to Counter Condition a dog to wear a muzzle  From Dr. Sophia Yin, an illustrated handout on how to introduce a muzzle to a dog with positive reinforcement techniques.


Muzzles: A Tool to Keep Everyone Safe a handout from the Best Friends Society.  Describes different styles of muzzles and how to train a dog to wear them without stress. Dog Muzzles is a great place to purchase regular as well as basket muzzles. You will also find a handy article on Dog Muzzle Training Made Easy on their website.

   A colorful Baskerville Muzzle with BLING!

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle  A muzzle is not a badge of shame, it can save a dog's life!  This is the ultimate basket muzzle designed for maximum safety and comfort. A dog can be trained to tolerate and enjoy wearing this muzzle.  Dogs can eat, drink, pant, and play with this muzzle if used properly.  For more info and to order this type of muzzle visit the Company of Animals Baskerville Muzzle website or  Baskerville Ultra Muzzle at It may also be available in some pet stores.


Four Flags Over Aspen, Inc. This company makes a nice basic nylon "Quick Muzzle".  The website has easy sizing instructions. This muzzle is only for short term use of a few minutes.  It will not allow a dog to pant or easily take treats.  It is commonly used for very brief procedures such as during a veterinary exam.