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On our website we have provided some handouts on pet health and behavior.  If you would like to download a printer friendly version, select from the list below and click on the topic of interest.

File NameDescription / Comment
Canine Leptospirosis & VaccinationLearn about this serious disease threat in our area, its zoonotic potential, and a vaccine that can help protect you and your pet!
Canine Vaccination HandoutThis handout describes vaccination options and protocols that are recommended from the American Animal Hospital Associations (AAHA) Vaccine Guidelines.
Creating a Positive Conditioned Emotional ResponseDo you have a dog that reacts to unfamiliar dogs or people? Learn how to change your dog's emotional response!
Feline Housesoiling Instructions
Feline Vaccine HandoutThis handout summarized the latest Feline vaccine reccomendations
How to Feed CatsObesity is the number one nutritional disease we see in our patients. Our focus is on preventon of this health problems. We need to reconsider the way we feed cats! Canned food is King, this handout will explain why!
Learn to Prevent Heat StrokeSummer is supposed to be for fun with your dog, trips to the dog park or campground, playing your favorite games of catch and Frisbee. But caution is advised; too much heat or activity on a warm summer day can lead to tragic consequences.
Puppy SocializationPuppy Socialization is one of the most important thing you can do to ensure your puppies long term health and quality of life. Learn how to do that with this handout
The Easy Walk Harness Learn about the Easy Walk Harness and our "Cash for Clunkers" promotion
Tips for Transitioning Cats to New Diests
WDJ Barking at the Doorbell & Door
WDJ Growling: Understanding Your Dog's Language
WDJ Separation Anxiety
WDJ Walking Your Dog