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Feline Fun Fact:  A cat's tail held high means happiness. A twitching tail is a warning sign, and a tail tucked in close to the body is a sure sign of insecurity.


We have selected some great sources for information on cat behavior.  If you want to find ways to keep your kitty stress free, if you want to prevent undesirable behaviors, or correct problem behaviors these sites have some great information.


DDFL Cat Training and Behavior Tips  This is a link to the Denver Rescue named Dumb Friends League (named for animals that cannot speak for themselves back in 1910).  If you have questions about cat behavior and training, this link has answers!!  Lots of tips and training



San Francisco SPCA's Cat Owner's Library a nice collection on a variety of behavioral topics.


CATegorical Care:  An Owner's Guide to America's #1 Companion provided by the CATylyst Council! 


Deer Run Animal Hospital's Kitten Behavior Collection web page provides multiple handouts on the most common kitten behavior problems.


Introducing a Cat and a Dog from The Best Friends Society


Introducing Cats By Dr. Sally Foote a great veterinarian with a behavior practice offers this helpful handout on how to introduce cats.  She also offers a link in the handout to her website.



Aggression Toward Other Cats from The Best Friends Society


Cat Aggression Toward People  from The Best Friends Society


How to Stop Your Cat From Stop Attacking You Or "Kill The Teddy Bear" another great handout from Dr. Sally Foote. Instead of having your cat attack you or his housemates, give him an appropriate toy to direct his prey behavior.  

Cornell's Feline Aggression Handout  This handout discusses the various causes of aggressive behavior in cats, what causes them, and what you can do to diminish the behavior.


Overstimulation & Petting Aggression SF ASPCA

What To Do With A Cat Who Bites When Petted  From Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Sophia Yin


Cornell's Feline Destructive Behavior Handout  Are you frustrated by your kitty's scratching and clawing, does you cat suck on cloth, or chew on your plants?  This handout teaches you how to manage these issues.


Excessive Meowing From the San Francisco SPCA.


Your Talkative Cat  From the Denver Dumb Friends League


Training a Cat to be Quiet  Great advice on what do to to gently teach your kitty to be quiet from Dr. Sophia Yin, Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist.


Cat Meows Vary by Situation, What do they mean?   Also written by Dr. Sophia Yin.


Prevent a Great Escape How to keep your cat safe indoors and avert escape-artist behavior

Fabcats Behavior Information This internet site from the United Kingdom has lots of information on feline behavioral problems and how to handle them from the European point of view. 

Tuft's Veterinary School Feline Behavior Site  This is the website from the Behavior Clinic at Tufts University with many tips for managing feline behavior problems. 

AAFP's Feline Behavior Guidelines  This is a link to the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Feline Behavior Guidelines.  It is an extensive document discussing behavioral management of cats.