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We are also providing some additional great handouts & resources on Separation Anxiety below:


The panic that a dog suffering from Separation Anxiety is REAL!"
Use these resources to learn how to help relieve your dog's anxiety



APDT Webinar on Separation Anxiety  Click here to download a thorough review and discussion of treatment strategies for Separation Anxiety by Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist, Dr. Melissa Bain. (Give the webinar a few moments to down load).

ASPCA Overview on Separation Anxiety  The ASPCA provides a thorough coverage on the topic including diagnosis and treatments.

Separation Anxiety Training Videos These wonderful videos are being provided with permission from Debbie Martin (click the link to learn more about Debbie), a registered veterinary technician and certified pet dog trainer from Veterinary Behavior Consultations, LLC

I'll Be Home Soon by Behaviorist Patricia McConnell, Ph.D, CAAB is a highly recommended resource!  This inexpensive booklet can be purchased at this link, or on  It gives great behavior modification solutions to prevent, as well as to treat Separation Anxiety.  It will help you recogonize and treat the signs of less severe behavior problems too.

When are You Coming Home? How to Ease Separation Anxiety a link to information from Irith Bloom on Karen Pryor's website.  Great information and tips.

Separation Anxiety Solution: Training Fido That Calm Behavior Makes You Come Back A blog post from Dr. Sophia Yin.

Protocol to Uncouple Departure Cues  This link explains how to teach your dog to not respond to your daily routine that cues your dog that you are about to leave

Home Alone--Calming for Separation from the Pawsitive Dawgs Blog with lots of ideas and methods to teach calm behaviors, mat training, independence training.

Alone at Home  A handout from the UK's Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors (APBC)

Separation Anxiety Handout by Dr. DePorter 

Separation Anxiety Handout by Dr. Ciribassi 

Separation Anxiety Handout by Dr. Brooks.

Relax On A Mat-Step by Step Handout  One of the first steps to take to each your dog indepence and allow you to teach gradual departures.


Separation Anxiety Training Tips From Emily Latham at Dogmantics


Separation Anxiety in Dogs A helpful handout from the Best Friends Animal Society

DDFL Handout on Separation Anxiety another helpful handout from an great Humane Society!

The Serene Homecoming From 4 Paws University

CHEW TOYS & FOOD TOYS  are important tools to use to relieve the anxiety of Separation Anxiety.

ADAPtil (formerly known as DAP) Pheromone Therapy is an easy and effective way to start decreasing anxiety.

Through a Dog's Ear music CDs have scientifically developed calming effects for anxious dogs.

Another interesting Ancillary Therapy that can be added to the treatment program is the use of calming body wraps.  Below we are providing information on two such wraps.


The Thundershirt for Separation Anxiety  uses the covering theory and also adds gentle pressure over the dog?s body with a snug Velcro closure and stretchy fabric.  It is hypothesized that this body pressure "hugs" the dog, giving relief to anxiety.  It is not fully understood how all these body coverings work, but many dogs have shown improvement with anxiety related disorders such as separation anxiety and noise phobia.  Usually the response to these coverings takes some time to develop and is not instantaneous.  At least 3 wearings, and following the manufactures instructions carefully are important for success.  Especially when combined with the other anxiety treatment modalities, body coverings can often help decrease the stress.

The Thundershirt is now available for sale at Deer Run!

The Anxiety Wrap is another example and is made of a stretchable fabric the animal wears.  It uses a technique called Maintained Pressure.  Maintained Pressure is a technique also used with Autistic children, and in neuro-rehabilitation to modify the body's sensory receptors and change the nervous system back to a more normal state. There is currently a scientific study being done on the benefits of the Anxiety Wrap at Tufts University Veterinary Behavior Department. 


For more information click to view our main webpage on Separation Anxiety .