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Confused about pet insurance

Confused about Pet Health Insurance?  

Visit the PET INSURANCE UNIVERSITY website to learn if it is right for you! 

If Pet Insurance is not right for you consider the Care Credit option for no interest payments over 6 months if you qualify. 

Care Credit is also a great way to pay for vet care interest free while waiting for insurance reimbursements to come in! 

Just as in human medicine, the costs of providing quality veterinary medical care are sky rocketing!  At Deer Run Animal Hospital we work hard to deliver quality care with great value to our clients and patients.  But we are not in control of the rising costs of medical care, our costs of health care delivery to you are rising every year. 

We strongly recommend our clients consider Pet Health Insurance for their pets.  No one can predict when the unexpected illness or injury will happen, but we all know our pets age must faster than we do.  With age comes increasing risk of illness.  The best time to purchase pet insurance to provide your pets with quality pet care life long is when they are young and healthy.

We do not sell pet insurance at  Deer Run Animal Hospital but we want to provide our clients with the resources they need to decide if pet insurance is right for them.  The links below are great resources!  Protect your pet with insurance coverage!


PET INSURANCE UNIVERSITY  Click this link to go to a vet's guide to purchasing pet health insurance.  A very generous veterinarian built this website to help pet owners.  This is a fabulous website that teaches you all about pet insurance, tells you the options, helps you decide what policy is right for your pet.  It compares all the major policies.  A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WEBSITE!

20 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pet Insurance Policy  Click to download a handout to use when are ready to purchase pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Review Insurance Comparison Grid Look at consumer rating numbers and compare policies at this link.

Compare Insurance Policies with this helpful form. Pet Insurance Comparison Grid