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The websites listed below have lots of information on various canine health issues.  We hope that you find them helpful!

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Search for Canine Health Problems in our Pet Library by Topic.


If you are looking for further information, or cannot find your topic in our Pet Library, click here for Additional Library Resources and Websites.

Worms & Germs Blog Dog Ownership Handout A great handout about promoting safe dog ownership and preventing the spread of infectious disease.

Leptospirosis is an important disease to know about due to its prevelance in NW Indiana and its risk of spread to humans.  Fortunately their is vaccination available against this deadly disease.

Seizures in Dogs There are a variety of causes of seizures. Learn how they are treated and what to do when seizures happen.

Itchy & Scratchy Pets  Read our handout to learn how allergies can affect your dog and how we can help stop the itch!


Lumps & Bumps


Dogs & Lipomas


Deer Run Animal Hospital's Kidney Failure Page  Click here to find our collection of kidney disease resources.


Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) Signs of IVDD can include pain, reluctance to move and jump, uncoordinated moving, and in severe cases can include paralysis. Click to learn more.


Arthritis In Our Pets Click on Deer Run Animal Hospital's web page on arthritis.  Learn some of the causes, how to minimize and how to treat it with multi-modal options! 


Most Common Causes of Nasal Discharges in Dogs.doc


Eye Diseases Common in Pets This is a link to the American College of Veterinary Ophthamology (ACVO) website and has client information on common eye problems.


Urine Leakage or Incontinence  If your dog is leaking urine, or leaving wet spots of urine when it is laying down you will have questions on what is causing it and how it can be treated.  Click this link to help answer those questions.


Learn to Prevent Heat Stroke Deer Run's Handout on how to prevent, recognized, and treat heat stroke.


Y-2 Spay & Neuter  Not sure about spaying and neutering??  This is our webpage devoted to spreading the word of the importance of spaying pets.


Pet Parasites  Click to link to our Parasite section to learn about internal and external parasties of both dogs and cats.


CDC Healthy Pets  This is a link to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, GA.  It has information on keeping pets healthy and how to prevent contagious disease between pets and people.


Canine Heartworm Disease  Everything you wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here.  What are the symptoms, how to prevent, how to treat.  Is your dog at risk?


Addison's Disease--The great masquerader


Your Dog's Heart This is a great educational website about canine heart disease.


Heart Murmurs are often the first sign of heart disease.  Click to learn more about murmurs. 



How to Measure a Resting (Sleeping) Respiratory Rate (RRR)

Pet Owner's Guide To Cancer  From Cornell University's Partners in Animal Health, a video guide for pets with cancer.


Dog Pack Breeds  This link provides information regarding possible health problems by breed.


AAHA Dog Breed Health Information  Another link to breeds and associated health issues from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).


PetMD's Breedopedia Learn more about your favorite dog breeds!