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(and adult dogs too)
Myths About Potty Training

Key steps to house training dogs and puppies are:

  • diligent supervision
  • confinement when unable to supervise
  • a consistent and predictable schedule
  • going outdoors with your dog
  • positive reinforcement
  • avoid negative punishment 
  • Accept that accidents will happen in the beginning 


We need to teach our pups where to potty, not just where not to potty! All this sounds simple enough but in reality it is not always easy.  To get all the details we provide the resources below.  We highly recommend the  APDT housetraining webinar for all new puppy owners!

APDT HOUSE TRAINING BASICS WEBINAR  The Association of Pet Dog Trainers has generously provided this very informative on-demand free webinar that thoroughly covers all of the basics of housetraining.  A full on-line course that will teach you all you need to know to successfully housebreak any puppy or adult dog! (The download of the webinar may take a few minutes) Also scroll down to the crate training section for another great webinar from APDT on Crate Training, a useful tool for house training.

HOUSE TRAINING VIDEO Don't have time to take the full webinar, check out this quick 5 minute video that highlights the best tips.  It was made by one of our favorite dog trainers, Kiki Yablon, a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner!

HOW TO HOUSE TRAIN YOUR PUPPY  In this video, Laurie Luck, Another great KPA trainer shows you all you need to know to house train your new puppy in this video.  Click for more house training details from Laurie!  And Laurie adds more advice on How to Get Your Puppy to go to the Bathroom When You Ask--Putting it on Cue!


House training Your Dog - The Perfect Recipe!   Follow the recipe from Veterinary Behavior Specialist, Dr. Lisa Radosta, and your Puppy House training will come out perfectly!

Where's the Potty? How to House train Your Puppy From Karen Pryor Academy trainer, Debbie Martin

House Training Basics the Clicker Training Way
  From the Karen Pryor Academy, a different twist on house training using the Clicker.


SF-SPCA Puppy Housetraining Checklist These simple checklists can keep you on track while you are housebreaking your dog.

SF-SPCA Adult Dog Housetraining Checklist

A Foolproof Potty Training Plan from Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist, Dr. Sophia Yin 

What To Do When Your Puppy Potty Training Plan Fails  More help from Dr. Yin 

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days for even more from Dr. Yin on housetraining and all things puppy, buy her book at this link.  Highly recommended!

How to Teach a Dog to Ring a Bell to go Outside to Potty

How to Avoid Common Errors When Training Your dog To Ring a Bell to go Outside

What to do about Submissive and Excitement Urination  Great advice from Pat Miller and the Whole Dog Journal

training the Adult Dog Who Has Bad Habits a frustrating problem that needs a positive solution!

Lawn Burn  I think my dog's urine is turning my grass brown, is there something wrong with my dog?   What can I do?


The Secret to safe and rapid Housetraining

Creative Commons photo by rossination 

APDT Crate Training Webinar  a free educational on-demand webinar from the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and by Teoti Anderson author and certified pet dog trainer.  A great resource!

Crate for Calm
  A great blog post about how to use a crate to not only house train but to create a sense of calm and relaxation in your dog.


APDT Crate Training Handout
  A crate can be an invaluable tool for teaching a dog to eliminate outside the house, and is one of the quickest ways to help house train your dog.  A crate also provides a safe haven for your dog when you need to be away.

Safe Haven For Your Pup
 By Australia's Veterinary Behavior Specialist, Dr. Debbie Calnon, see how a crate can create a calm and relaxing environment.

How to Crate Train Your Dog
 this link takes you to the great Karen Pryor Academy's website.  Although this article has a holiday theme, it contains fantastic suggestions for making your pup's crate a fun and happy experience.  Highly recommended reading for all crate trainers!


SF-SPCA Crate Training Adult Dogs  More great tips from the San Francisco SPCA

Chew Toys & Food Toys
 Dont forget to offer super tasty food toys and chew toys when you are crate training.

Where do you find--K9 Ballistic Indestructible Dog Beds and Crate Liners


DDFL Submissive and Excitement Urination

BF Submissive and Excitement Urination in Dogs

Deer Run Animal Hospital's Urine Marking Handout

Urine Marking Info From Best Friends Society


Belly Bands while we do not recommend these for regular house training, Belly Bands can be a managment solution for urine marking in male dogs.  They do not replace the need for neutering or a medical work up to rule out a medical cause of urine marking.  In some cases they may actually decrease or prevent urine marking.  In most cases they simply prevent soiling of the house.  One minor risk is that if not changed frequently and monitored, they can increase the risk of a urinary tract infection.

Belly Bands also available at