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Medication administration does NOT have to be stressful!!
We have several tips on how to help you give your kitty medication without it being a stressful battle between the two of you.
The handouts and videos provided below demonstrate effective and low stress techniques on medication administration.  If you would like more help, ask for our staff to give you a demonstration!

Cornell's How to Give Your Cat a Pill Video  Video Tips on how to give cats capsules or pill medications. Learn how to use a "pill gun".  How to give medication with a helper, or by yourself.

Cornell's How to Give Your Cat Liquid Medication Video tips on how to give cats liquid medications.

Video Tips from Dr. Sophia Yin on How to Make Giving Medications Easy  This is Dr. Yin's Page on the Animal Behavior Resources Institute's Website.  Scroll down the page to find two great videos on how to counter condition your kitty to accepting pills and oral medications. 

Handout On How To Give Oral Medication from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine.


Handout On How To Examine and Medicate the Eyes also from Washington State University.


Handout on How To Examine & Medicate A Cat's Ear again from Washington State University

Another helpful tip is to use empty gelatin capsules to administer bitter tasting medications to hide the flavor.  They can also be used to administer multiple medications more easily by inserting multiple medications into one capsule, decreasing the number of times you kitty has to swallow.

Greenies Feline Pill Pockets are another great way to administer multiple medications. They are tasty treats that have a whole in the center to insert medications.  Some cats like these treats so much they will eat them voluntarily.  Even if you cat will not eat them voluntarily, these treats may still make it easier to give medications by the hand "pilling" technique described in the video.  Cats are much more willing to swallow these smooth round tasty treats rather; than sharp, bitter, powdery tablets.  FAQs about Pill Pockets

Medications can also be specially compounded into liquid or transdermal formulations by special Compounding Pharmacies.  These pharmacies will also flavor medications.  Transdermal medications are extremely easy to give, they are simply wiped on an hairless area (usually the inside of the ear flap) and are absorbed through the skin.  Unfortunately not all medications are well absorbed through the skin, so this method is only recommended for select medications.  A frequently prescribed medication called Methimazole for Hyperthyroidism works great via the transdermal route.