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IVDD it's all about time


Back pain is a common problem in long backed dogs such as Dachshunds, Bassett Hounds, and Corgis, it is occasionally seen in other breeds.  Often this is caused by Intervertebral Disc Disease.  This link to the Washington State University Veterinary School provides a nice overview of the problem with more links on the anatomy of this condition.


Avoiding Back Problems in Dachshunds  This link offers some great tips for the owners of those long backed breeds such as the Dachshund to minimize their dogs risk of back problems and IVDD.  A great website for owners of dogs with IVDD.  The disease and its treatments simply explained through audio lectures, videos, pictures and text!


Intervertebral Disc Disease Handout from Veterinary Partner an illustrated handout.


American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS) Info on Intervertebral Disc Disease If your pet's symptoms are severe, surgical decompression of the spine by a neurosurgeon may be needed.  Review this in depth website by the Surgical specialty board for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your dog is unable to walk or feel their rear limbs this may be a surgical emergency and time is of the essence!  These signs may indicate the need for emergency spinal neurosurgery with a specialist.  This is not something that should wait, a few hours can mean the difference from recovery to permanent paralysis. If are closed on a night, weekend or Holiday and your dog is unable to walk or feel their rear limbs we recommend going to a hospital with BOTH Emergency and Spinal surgery services, not just a local emergency clinic.  Click this link to find locations where emergency spinal surgery can be done Emergency and Specialty Hospitals in our Region. We recommend calling these hospitals in advance to confirm that spinal emergency surgery is possible should your dog need it.  

If your dog has IVDD you will need to "Cage Rest" your dog.  We know that can be difficult!  Here are some tips!



Fun Games for Dogs Under Cage (Bed) Rest Orders!  Sometimes a dog may have an injury or illness that requires us to prescribe cage rest (Doggy Bed Rest) for several weeks.  This can be very boring and frustrating for the dog.  Here are some suggestions of games that can be taught during cage rest! 


Five Ways to Help Your Dog Survive Cage Rest  great suggestion from trainer Pat Miller, training editor of the Whole Dog Journal