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Keeping it Fun & Safe!

               Sit on your buttSit on the ground
It is NOT OK for children to sit on dogs!  

Most dogs tolerate this but do NOT enjoy it.  Many dogs politely ask with their body language for this to stop.  Sometimes when no one listens to dogs, when their cries for assistance go unheeded, bites can happen.  Please teach your children to NOT sit on dogs!  No matter how cute it seems or how "good" your dog is being, do not do this.  It is not fair to dog or child, it is NOT safe!

Great Resources for Parents and Kids

Living With Kids & Dogs Website an amazing and thorough resource for parents and kids!  Everything you need to know for a safe dog and family household. From Child and Dog Safety Expert, Colleen Pelar.


Living with Kids and Dogs...Without Losing Your Mind the book by Colleen Pelar, CPDT.  You can download it on Kindle right now for under $8.00!

Selecting a Dog for Families with Children  Great tips from the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) on how to choose a family dog and lots of other resources on keeping kids and dogs safe!

Teaching Clients (Parents) about safety with dogs be safe around dogs
  Expert advice from Veterinary Behavior Specialist, Dr. Ilana Reisner

Keeping Dogs, Kids & Infants Safe in the Same Household Great advice from the amazing animal behaviorist and veterinarian, Dr. Sophia Yin

I Saw a Dog Bite a Child and it was a Totally Preventable Accident  Despite what the popular media says, Dogs rarely bite out of the blue.  You can learn more by reading this article.

From the UK--RSPCA's Dogs and Children Safety Information

Kendall Shepherd's Teachers Notes for Keeping Ourselves Safe Near Dogs

Family Paws Parent Education  from another great parent educator, Jennifer Shryock, her website focuses on the need for safety for expectant families and families with newborns and toddlers.  Do you need individualized help?  We are proud presenters of the Family Paws Parent Education Programs!  Ask us about scheduling a group presentation or an individual consult.

Resources from Family Paws for New Parents 

The Inclusion of Family Dogs for Success:  Building Dog and Child Bonds
  A free webinar from the APDT by  Dog and Baby Safety Expert, Jennifer Shryock the founder of Family Paws Parent Education.

Setting Dog and Baby Up For Success
 another free Webinar with Family Paw's Jennifer Shryock.

Preparing For A New Baby: A video with Jennifer Shryock

Life with baby makes me resent my dogs--A busy mom needs support
  Dog & baby expert, Madeline Gabriel offers some wise advice and solutions if you feel overwhelmed managing kids and dogs!

Success Stations!  Keep baby and kids safe with success stations.  Crate, Gate, and Rotate to different areas.  Indoor Tethering is another option.  Click HERE to learn more about tethers. Also click to learn about Dogs and the Wonders of Baby Gates!  A website loaded with safety tips for kids and families

Dog Safety: What to Teach Your Kids
  A free webinar by Doggone Safe Founder Joan Orr 

Video:  How to Greet A Dog  A great teaching resource for kids


Deer Run Animal Hospital's Doggone Safe Webpage & Presentation Info  Even more resources here and information on our presentations to schools and children's groups on dog bite prevention

Can Dog Bite Prevention Really Prevent Dog Bites?  
An outstanding blog article from Scientific American with great info and further resources

How to Stop Dogs from Chasing Children

Teach Kids How to Read Dog Body Language!  


I Speak Doggie! This is a fun video to show to kids to help them to learn how to read dogs and behave around them.

DOG STARS!! A bite prevention video for kids!

Doggone Safe's Video--Learn to Speak Dog!
 More illustrations to help kids learn dog body Language

Dog Stress Tip Alerts

Dog Decoder iPhone App
This well illustrated downloadable iPhone App would be a fun way to teach kids to read dog body language.  The pictures could be used like flash cards.  The explanations provided support the learning.  Then make a fun game with the kids asking them to guess what their family dog is saying!  This really is a must have for families with dogs.

Dog Bite Prevention iPhone and Android App
  The dog bite prevention strategy App.  Teaches learning how to prevent dog bites in a fun way for families

Canine Body Language: Keeping Families Safe
 a great resource from the Pet Professional Guild

Victor & Victoria's Pet Town iPhone App
 a free iPhone App all the way from down under in Australia!  The Aussie accents may be new to your kids but the information and fun presentation style presents a great way for small children to learn to be safe around dogs.


Contrary to popular opinion and Internet videos,
most dogs DO NOT like hugs and kisses. 

Teach children to pet with one hand, collar to tail.  Teaching children that one handed petting is the right way to pet a dog avoids the urge to hug the dog and take or invade its space. Teach children to avoid reaching over the dog's head which appears scary and rude to the dog. 

Kissing Dogs and Licking Faces

This is NOT always a good indicator of how a dog might be feeling.

Both happy dogs as well as anxious & overly aroused dogs will wag tails & lick faces.

Kissing may NOT mean love!

A "KISS" might mean to "DISMISS"!

Look for other signs, ears back, tense face, stiff posture, lip licking, head turning away, tight mouth.

Caution is advised, allowing this is often NOT safe, why take a chance? 


Video:  A safe way to teach kids to "KISS" their dog!

How Can Kids Interact and Play Safely with Kids?

Supervision is a must, but not just any supervision, it must be interactive and 100% awake adult supervision.
Watch for signs of tension in your dog by learning dog body language.  Dogs are incredibly tolerant even when we don't respond to their requests for a bit of space or peace and quiet.  But don't stress out your dog needlessly, intervene when body language changes from happy and loose to stiffer signs of tolerance.  Don't push things to the danger point! 

Click the pictures above for more details!
Learn about the Dog Behavior Continuum from Child & Dog Safety Expert, Colleen Pelar


Learn how to read your dog's body language by viewing this video from the great trainers at family dog: 

What Your Dog Is Desperately Trying to Tell You

Distracted supervision is not safe. Parents live busy lives and it is easy to lose focus when multi-tasking.  Teach your dog to be ok with alone time with a tasty food toy and utilize crates and gates when you are too busy to monitor interactions between kids and dogs.


Family Dog's Online Family Dog Training Program How about making Dog Training a Family Affair and have the kids be a part of it?  Check out this great online program that is also convenient for families on the go! Learn how to get your dog to listen to your kids and so much more!

4Ways even the best parents put kids in danger around dogs  Great observations from the develops of the FamilyDog program with solutions! 

Kids Club from the Family Dog Website.  Games, facts, jokes, and fun all designed to teach kids how to be safe around dogs!


Podcast:  Simple games kids can play safely with dogs


Print out a Coloring Book on Teaching Kids about Dog Bite Prevention by clicking HERE

Kids & K9s: Fun tips and activities worksheet 

Treasure Hunting: A Safe Game for Kids & Dogs
A nice video describing a way to teach kids and dogs to have fun together!

Name and Greeting Game for Dogs & Kids
  A great technique for teaching dogs and kids to greet each other appropriately!


The Go Crazy and Freeze Game:  A fun game taught with guided supervision that is full of important lessons to help keep interactions between children and dogs safe!$SEARCH_BROWSE$

Mindware for Kids: Make your own Doggy Day Camp Getting children involved in Positive Training can be a fantastic relationship building experience for the whole family. This is a great kit to get you started!!


Top Dog: How to have fun with your Best Furry Friend

Dogs are loyal! Dogs are fun! In other words, dogs make awesome BFFs, or Best Furry Friends. Follow a leading dog expert as she uses comics to show you how to develop a great and lasting friendship with your dog. Book includes eight training activities and games; all with fun, illustrated steps. Teach your BFF how to bow, ride a skateboard, and so much more!

Puppy Training for Kids
by Sarah Whitehead.  A great book to learn how to involve children with dog care!

Dogs Like Kids They Feel Safe With
  From Dog Trainer, Madeline Gabriel, this is her entry to the 201Canis Film Festival, sponsored by Karen Pryor Clicker Training. This film shows ways both dogs AND kids can learn behaviors to help each other feel safe and comfortable together!  To learn more dog and child safety tips visit Madeline's website at

Grumble and Growl Zones
  From  a great educator on safety for families with pets, Jennifer Shryock of Doggone Safe and Jennifer explains and illustrates on her Pinterest board about how often conflicts happen in predictable locations in homes.  She refers to these areas as "grumble zones" and "growl zones".  A grumble zone is a crowded space with an exit and a growl zone is a location were there is a potential valued resource (a toy, a bone, food or a chew toy, a person, a spot on the couch, etc) or where there is no exit.  Learning about grumble and growl zones and avoiding them with children can prevent conflict and bites to keep everyone safe.


Holiday Child and Pet SafetyTips Video
  Planning a party with family and friends?  Dog owners, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles should all watch this video with an important safety message to help keep the festivities fun and safe!  More tips for holidays and party times from Jennifer Shryock and 

Helping Children Develop Good Relationships with Cats!
  We mustn't forget our feline family members!  Great tips for kids and cats can be found at this link!

Dogs should be allowed to eat in peace.  How do you feel if a waiter keeps taking your plate away before you are finished?  If you ask nicely for the waiter to stop taking your food but he keeps doing it you might get pretty grumpy.  And that is how dogs can feel too!  Feed dogs away from babies and young children.  Teach kids to NEVER approach a dog when it is eating or if it has a chew toy or bone!  

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie  Make sure your dog is allowed to sleep in peace.  Teach children to never approach a dog that is sleeping.  Teach children to stay away from dogs in resting places such as on couches, or in dog beds.