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Click the links to find the answers to the most common behavior issues in kittens. 

Overcoming Common Behavioral Problems in Kittens  A great handout for new kitten owners with information provided by Jacqui Neilson, DVM, Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists.


Interactive Play Therapy-How to do it properly Great tips from Pam Johnson-Bennett


DDFL: Kitten Issues   A collection of handouts on kitten issues from the Denver Dumb Friends League Humane Society.  Find many handouts on various kitten behaviors and problems.

Try Food Toys for Your Kitten!  Use food toys to simulate prey behavior.  Keep your kitten busy not bored with food toys.

Frolicat Toys Try these for fun play and exercise for your kitten with amazing automated laser toys and much more!  IMPORTANT TIP:  When using laser toys to provide opportunities for prey behavior to your kitten, be sure to offer some treats during and after the session.  Throw a food treat on the floor then have the laser light end on the treat so your cat can "capture" it..  If we dont offer the cat a reward with this activity, they can become frustrated if they are not allowed to "Catch the Prey"DDFL Cat Toys and How to Use Them 

FAB Playtime....for Cats and Kittens

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DDFL Managing Your Kitten's Rough Play


Managing your Kitten's Rough Play-UC Davis Vet School


Adopting a Play Aggressive Kitten


Best Friends Society: Managing Your Kitten's Rough Play


How to Tame Your Kitten, Clicker Style


How to Stop Your Cat From Stop Attacking You Or "Kill The Teddy Bear" A great tip to redirect feline prey behavior from Dr. Sally Foote.


DDFL Children And Cats: Important Information For Parents


DDFL Aversives For Cats   An aversive is something such as a texture, taste, or smell that your cat finds unpleasant.  It can be used to discourage your cat from a particular action or place.  Aversives work best when you also offer a more pleasant alternative.


Feline Scratching Behavior  Is your kitten starting to scratch you or your furniture?  Trying to decide if you should declaw?  Want to know how to trim nails?  Here is our webpage full of tips and ideas on how to deal with feline scratching behavior.

Cat Training Revolution  Consider clicker training your kitten!  Here is an article that explains its ease and benefits.


Clicker Training in Cats from Karen Pryor Academy learn kitty clicker training techniques from the experts in clicker training.


Cat Carriers & How to Train Your Kitten to Love Them! Training your kitten to love and trust a cat carrier will allow you to transport your cat safely and securely.


CATegorical Care:  Click do download an Owner's Guide to America's #1 Companion!  A thorough resource on behavior and health care for your new kitten from the CATalyst Council.


DDFL Cat Behavior Handout Collection  For lots more information on feline behavior click this link to the Denver Dumb Friends League (named for animals that cannot speak for themselves).  This link will bring you to their library of feline behavior handouts with many more topics about problem behaviors in cats and kittens. 


Y2-Spay & Neuter  These surgeries not only have behavior benefits but health benefits as well.  Be sure to have your kitten spayed and neutered!