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Deer Run Animal Hospital Veterinary Information Center

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Pet Health Library by VIN

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Veterinary Topics

FAQS! (most commonly asked questions and alphabetical listing of several helpful Deer Run webpages and articles)

Aging and Senior Pets

Arthritis and Lameness

Blood and Wellness Testing

Cats and Water

Derm Referral Info

Dog Friendly Vet Visits

Dogs and Muzzles

Drug Information

Feline Viral Diseases

First Aid Library 

How to Feed Cats

GI Diseases in Cats

Heat Stroke

Intervertebral Disc Disease (in dogs)

Itchy & Scratchy Pets

Kidney Disease


Medicating Your Cat

Parasites (that your pet can get)



Weight Loss

 Seizures in Dogs

Y-2 Spay and Neuter

Nutrition Topics

General Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Experts

Information about Getting a New Pet

Choosing a New Pet

Rescue writings and poems

Area Rescues/shelters

Choosing Adoption/Rescue


Grief Support

Grief Support Helpful Info

Giving the gift of life

Estate Planning for Pets

Grief Support

Grief Writings and Poems


Information about Payment Plans and Pet Insurance

Care Credit

Health Insurance for Pets