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Planning On Traveling With Your Pet?  

Be sure to check these articles & websites out before your trip for great travel tips!

dog with head out of car window

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It's OK to have your dog stick his head out the window while you are packing the car or training him to enjoy the car.  But DON'T let him stick his head out the window while you are driving!  This is very dangerous!!

What if Your Dog Is Afraid Of The Car Ride From Steve Dale's Pet World Blog, learn how to desensitize and countercondition your dog to enjoy car rides!


ASPCA Road Trips Tips for Trips with your Dog!

Fear of Riding in Cars and ASPCA handout

Preventing Travel Anxiety & Car Sickness in Dogs  Great Tips from the Preventive Vet!


Are We There Yet? How To Ease Your Pet's Travel Anxiety  From Karen Pryor's click your way to cruising!


AVMA's Traveling with Your Pet FAQS  This is a link to frequently asked questions about traveling with pets from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

AVMA's Traveling Brochure  More traveling tips from the AVMA

Driving with Pets: Car Safety & Travel Tips a nice collection of articles and resources to ensure a safe and happy travel experience.


National Directory of Veterinary Emergency Clinics Click this link to find emergency veterinary care across the country.


CDC Traveling with Pets Info  Traveling with pets and animal importation info from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Using the Thundershirt for Travel Anxiety  Using a gently calming body pressure wrap along with some training and can help relieve travel anxiety.  This is a link to the Thundershirt website. Certified Pet Dog Trainer, Jenn Merritt explains how to train your dog to relax with car travel. The Thundershirt is available for purchase at Deer Run as well as at other retailers and on the web.


Through A Dog's Ear--Driving Edition CD  Many dogs love to go for a ride but traveling in the car can also be extremely stressful. If your canine friend can't settle down for the trip, gets the shakes, or pants excessively, now you have a drug-free solution with this psychoacoustically designed music CD.  The CD strikes the ideal balance of keeping you alert in the driver's seat while soothing your dog's nerves for a comfortable, pleasant journey.


CereniaA New Drug for Motion Sickness Does your dog get carsick?  Get ready to travel again!  Now there is a medicine specially formulated for dogs that prevents vomiting due to motion sickness. Ask your veterinarian about Cerenia. Although Cerenia was developed for use in dogs, it has been used in cats as well. 

All About ADAPTIL or D.A.P  The use of Adaptil, previously known as D.A.P or dog appeasing phermone therapy can help ease the anxiety of travel. There are two aspects to car travel problems with dogs; motion sickness and travel fear.  However, the symptoms of each are very similar and many dogs are believed to suffer from both. In most cases it is sensible to reduce the stress associated with travelling using DAP Spray or a DAP Collar. It may help to withhold food for several hours before travel. In some instances it may also be necessary to treat the motion sickness with medications like Cerenia.


Using ADAPTil to help dogs cope with car travel
Apply Adaptil (DAP) Spray to a dog basket, bedding or cage approximately 15 minutes before traveling. The spray can be re-applied on toilet and exercise breaks, i.e. every 2 to 3 hours as necessary.On long journeys an Adaptil or DAP Collar may be a more convenient formulation and should be fitted 24 hours before the journey. Adaptil has also been reported to aid dogs traveling by air. In such cases it is important to check with the airline if the dog will be allowed to wear an Adaptil Collar during the flight.




Zylkene  is a nutritional calming supplement for both dogs and cats which contains a natural product, derived from casein, a protein in milk. It is a molecule well known to promote the relaxation of newborns after breastfeeding. This supplement is easy to give even to cats as the capsule contents can be mixed in moist food.  It is a great option to reduce mild anxiety and travel fearful cat or dog.


If you pet is really distressed by car travel please make an appointment to see Dr. Jokela.  She can help develop a behavior modification plan to reduce anxiety and can also help you decide if Anti-Anxiety Medications might also be needed.   (examples: Alprazolam, Clonidine, or Trazodone) 



Consider Phermone therapy to decrease the stress of the traveling kitty too with Feliway the feline facial pheromone. 


Cat Carriers a safety must for feline travel!  Teach your kitty that cat carriers are cool!

Traveling with Cats A great handout to help prepare you and your kitty to travel from the Behavior Service at the University of California-Davis Veterinary School.


Through a Cat's Ear  Special designed music to calm your cat while traveling!



FINDING PET FRIENDLY DESTINATIONS Do you need a puppy travel agent? At Puppy Travel they are more than just travel agents, they are people and pet travel agents!  Take your pet's when you go!  A great link for pet travel info you can use!

Pet's another website to help you find pet friendly vacation spots.


Dog  more pet friendly vacation ideas.


Import/Export and Interstate Travel Import/Export and Interstate Travel Information from the American Veterinary Medical Association.


US Dept. of Transportation Pet Travel  Information on transporting live animals from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

USDA APHIS Travel with pets  This page from the US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) provides basic information on domestic and international travel of common pets and other animals.

Airlines have various animal transport rules.  If traveling by air, please check with the airline well in advance of travel.

Air Traveler's Pet Corner  Shipping your dog or cat with the airlines from the IATA.  Information on proper shipping containers for pets.

A few airline transport websites are listed below:

Air Tran Traveling with Pets

American Airlines Shipping Animals

Delta Airlines Pet Travel 

Skywest Pet Travel

Southwest Pet Policies

United Airlines Pet Travel

Alaska Air Transporting Live Animals