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Chicken and Rice Active Health Canned Indoor Cat Food


WHY IS CANNED FOOD SO IMPORTANT?  How can it help with obesity prevention and weight control?  Felines are obligate carnivores, they are meant to be meat and protein eaters! They did not evolve to be biscuit and cereal eaters!  They are truly different than dogs and people.  They need protein and a certain level of fat in their diet.  Although they can eat carbohydrates, they are not designed to metabolize carbohydrates efficiently. 


High carbohydrate diets (basically almost all dry foods) will promote weight gain and may cause insulin resistance in cats.  In some cats this may predispose them to the development of Type Two Diabetes.  Canned foods tend to be much higher in protein than dry foods. High protein diets increase cellular metabolism and the burning of calories.  High protein diets will help prevent the loss of lean muscle mass during weight loss. For cats, high protein diets will increase a sense of satiety, or a feeling of fullness, much sooner than high carbohydrate diets. The moisture content of canned foods is high (most being 70-75% water) and this also contributes to a feeling of fullness and satiety. 


On a volume basis, canned foods are much less calorie dense than dry food.  For instance the volume of canned food in a hockey puck sized can of food has about 1/3 of the calories as an equal volume of dry food measured out in that same sized can. You cat's tummy will feel much more full after the canned food meal, and will have ingested far fewer calories, than if an equal volume of dry food was fed.  


The benefits of increased water consumption from canned diets has many other health benefits as well, especially for the prevention of kidney and lower urinary tract health problems that plague so many of our feline patients.  Canned foods can also benefit gastrointestinal diseases.  All the way around, canned foods provide more ideal nutrition for our feline friends!



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