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Y2-Spay & Neuter?!

The health and behavioral benefits of spaying and neutering are numerous! 

Preventing pet overpopulation and homeless pets is just the beginning. 

Medical Fact: Did you know, If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years?!

Spaying is also about preventing breast cancer, yet so much more! 

A Spay Surgery in Progress at Deer Run Animal Hospital

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ALL THE HEALTH AND BEHAVIORAL BENEFITS OF SPAYING AND NEUTERING YOUR PET. a unique website built by the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) to spread the word!

Spay & Neuter Info from the AVMA   The American Veterinary Medical Association wants everyone to know the benefits of spaying and neutering.

Pyometra: Why you should spay your dog sooner rather than later

Canine Spay FAQ

Feline Spay FAQ

Canine Neuter FAQ

Neutering the Male Cat

Spay/Neuter Behavior Benefits

Mammary Tumors (Breast Cancer) in Dogs  One in four dogs that have not been spayed will develop this terrible and preventable disease!

Mammary (Breast) Cancer in Cats

Boobies for newbies: Mammary (breast) cancer in companion animals

Mammary Tumors in Cats & Dogs Learn about the complex treatment for dogs and cats that develp these horrible, yet preventable tumors.

Pyometra a horrible infection so common in unspayed female cats and dogs

Canine False Pregnancy and Female Reproduction  


Don't let this happen to your dog, spay her when she is young, and spare this suffering and risk!